IWMI Leadership camp offers a unique opportunity to kids and young adults to learn the strategies and techniques to thrive.  “You can do whatever you believe in”;  “if you believe in yourself, everything is possible” are common phrases used in our society.  But how?

IWMI teaches practical and proven techniques to empower kids to drive their destiny.  We believe that self-esteem, self-belief and a determination to succeed are the keys to living a life of your dreams.  These keys unlock the importance of an open mindset, a positive outlook, passion, and creativity. Often times passion is born out of creativity, and it takes self esteem, and self-belief for one to motivate themselves. This motivation turns into determination and this determination is powerful when lined with a positive outlook and an open mind.

As wonderful as our schools are, their curriculum is focused around academic achievement.  This forces schools to teach kids with a linear approach that leaves little room for teaching the skills and values of living a life of your dreams.

Leadership, correctly defined, is the ability to lead yourself down the path of your choosing.  Only after we master the art of self-leadership, can we impact others.

IWMI Leadership Camp is designed to empower kids with core values that will serve them through their lives. The lessons teach the importance of an open mindset, the power of a positive outlook and how motivation, passion, and creativity are keys to success.  We use a variety of thought provoking activities to channel discussion amongst students. This, in effect, helps them shape into independent learners. 

Each day is comprised of a lesson, a snack, and a fun activity. The students will be put in a new group each day so they learn how to work with many personalities, just like in the real world. They will also receive a small assignment each day to reinforce the lessons learned in class. At the end of the week, there will be a parent day where the student’s work and what they have learned will be showcased.

The snacks provided will be customized to that group’s allergies and food consumption limitations. In order to assure high levels of energy, the snacks will be comprised of healthy alternatives such as fruits and vegetables and water.

This program is available for the following age groups. Click on the specific age group below that aligns with your child’s age to access information on time, dates, location, and how to sign up.

Incoming ages 7-8 (2nd-3rd graders)

Incoming ages 9-10 (4th-5th graders)

Incoming ages 11-12 (6th-7th graders)

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The teachers and staff all have the same goal, to teach students the keys to success – happiness and character.